Civic Economics is an economic analysis and strategic planning consultancy with offices in Austin and Chicago.  At Civic Economics, we believe that healthy, sustainable economies develop best in healthy communities.  Consequently, we bring a holistic approach to our work. 

For Government 
Big cities and rural villages face new competitive pressures in the global economy.  The era of “smokestack chasing” is over.  Is your community equipped to build sustainable prosperity?

For Business 
Businesses, too, must approach their work with a new rigor.  Civic Economics will build upon your “back of the napkin” analysis to provide a sophisticated and compelling case for your evolving strategies.

For Civic Organizations 
A wide array of civic organizations places a growing emphasis on accountability and sustainability.  Civic Economics provides a thorough analytical framework for all their endeavors, offering guidance and information from a national perspective.

So whether you represent a government office, a business, or a civic organization, we can help.  Our menu of services can be tailored to the needs of your organization.  And, calling upon our network of highly regarded, specialized strategic partners, Civic Economics can serve as a one-stop-shop for all your analytical and planning needs.

See for Yourself


Civic Economics is proud of its diverse client base and the great things we have helped them achieve.  See a brief description of Selected Projects from coast to coast, read in-depth discussions of Featured Projects, or visit the Library to download our most in-demand reports and studies.