The civic economics of land use

Civic Economics has been privileged to work with an outstanding team of planners and engineers to provide economic analysis and strategic planning as a component of community land use planning efforts. Our role is to ensure that plans and proposals are designed to meet real needs and market conditions in the present and years into the future.  

In these engagements, Civic Economics combines third party data with a detailed walking survey of commercial corridors and districts to understand current conditions and map the sites, building types, and businesses that make up a district. When married to the myriad other data points developed by the project team, we are able to identify trends and opportunities for further exploration.

While our partners explore the urban form, housing stock, and mobility challenges with area residents, we concentrate on understanding their interactions with area businesses and commercial districts. In addition, we work with business owners and landlords to identify impediments to success and plans for the future. 

Finally, as plans for the community begin to come together, Civic Economics is there every step of the way to evaluate market prospects and ensure that the vision matches the reality, both today and in the years to come.

Learn more about one such planning process, the winner of a National Award from the American Planning Association, conducted with our friends at Interface Studio of Philadelphia. Featured Project: The Wicker Park - Bucktown Master Plan